I explore ways to make paintings that are in step with current trends, altered viewing habits, and modern age short attention spans. Using traditional, low-tech methods, I offer corresponding experiences to that of the 360-degree VR panoramic-painting and other popular interactive and immersive art experiences that viewers are accustomed to now during their art encounters. The artworks are reliefs and free-standing off the wall, sculptural paintings in which I combine painting and 3-dimensional objects on, beneath, or behind the canvas blending the dimensions with traditional painting methods and materials. I use all visible parts of the artist canvas, canvas cloth, and 3D elements to create evolving narratives that go beyond the conventional frontal viewing experience. These are Realized Paintings.

These artworks partially evolve into physical art by extending canvas surfaces and 3D elements. Objects are covered with primed canvas and painted to morph, through, beneath, behind or on the canvas and become realized (from 2D to 3D or vice versa). I use varied textures, paints, strong contours, and color to emphasize the transitions onto objects. Manifesting what the painting looks like when developed into a concrete painterly entity or when it recedes back to the flat plane. Some works are wall-hung reliefs and others are on pedestals or supported so they can stand and be viewed from all sides. The 360° viewing adds additional narratives, surprises, and the ontology of the artwork.

I’m inspired by art-about-art, popular art, and current sensibilities to create the viewing journey. A journey that goes beyond the canvas off the wall, creating realized forms with multi-dimensional possibilities and experiences. I re-examine what is painting and how we view them, offering a concurrent option that is in tune with the altered experiences and viewing habits of art over the past few decades.


Efrat "Effi" Baler (born Jerusalem, Israel), is a cross-disciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY since 1993. She paints outside of the boundaries of the frame, creating three-dimensional painterly sculptures and reliefs. Her works materialize out of the canvas and become the realization of thoughtful and often playful themes.    

Efrat Baler grew up in Israel, Winnipeg, Canada and Boston, MA. She studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel, and graduated in 1984 with a BFA in Sculpture and Painting. She won the Helena Rubinstein American - Israeli Culture Foundation Scholarship in 1983. Efrat Baler is listed as one of the ten most promising Bezalel Artists of the last decade, in the publication honoring the inauguration of the new Bezalel campus on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem (1990). In 1998, She was invited to tour and lecture on the History of Israeli Art and for presentations of her works at seven Universities and Institutions in the *West Coast Bay area.  


Efrat has taken part in over 30 group shows and 5 solo exhibitions in the US, Israel, and Germany, and her works are in private collections.  She also teaches art at private schools and individually. 

* Monterey Peninsula College, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, University of California, University of Berkeley, Congregation Sherith Israel SF and the San Francisco Public Library.


2017     - PLG ARTS’ | Solo exhibition | Tugboat, Brooklyn, NY

1991    - PAINTINGS 1990 - 91 | Solo exhibition | Painters & Sculptures Association Tel-Aviv, Israel             

             - PAINTINGS 1990 - 91 | Solo exhibition Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

1985    - MUTATIONS | Solo exhibition | Anatea Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

1976    - SOLO EXHIBITION sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality Youth Dept. | Beit Nechemia Community Center, Jerusalem


2019       - LIC FEAR III Group exhibition, LIC Arts Open | The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY

                - ARTBOX.GALLERY Digital Exhibition October 2019 | Zürich, Switzerland

                - GIANT STEPS | Group exhibition | Open Gallery, Long Island City, NY

2018        - FALL SALON | Group exhibition, LIC Arts Open | The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY

                - FROM MINISCULE TO MONUMENTAL | Group exhibition, LIC Arts Open Gallery | The Factory, Gallery II, LI City, NY

                - THE 5 NAPKIN SHOW | Group exhibition, part of LIC Arts Open| The Factory, Gallery II, Long Island City, NY

2017        - PLG ARTS’ | Solo exhibition | Tugboat, Brooklyn, NY

        - DEBTFAIR | Group Exhibition (participating artist), a project of Occupy Museums | Whitney Biennial 2017, Whitney               Museum of American Art, NY, New York

        - ANIMALIA Group exhibition | Local Project Gallery, Long Island City, NY

2016        - LIC ARTS OPEN Group exhibition | LIC Arts Open, Long Island City, NY

        - DIORAMARAMA | Club 157, Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

                - THE FOOD SHOW | Local Project Gallery, Long Island City, NY 
2014        - THE SELFIE SHOW | MONA, Museum of New Art, Armada, MI
2013        - ANNUAL SMALL WORKS SHOW | 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
2013        - PLG ARTS GROUP EXHIBITION | Tugboat, Brooklyn, NY
2012        - GO, Brooklyn Art |Community-curated open studio project,  Brooklyn, NY
                - THE INTERNATIONAL ARTIST FAIR | Parallax Art Fair, | Soho, NY
2011        - GENERATIONS VIII Group exhibition | A.I.R Gallery | Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 
                - THE NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP SHOW | PLG Arts | Brooklyn NY    
2008        - 1ST ANNUAL GROUP SHOW | PLG Arts’ | K-Dog & Dune Buggy café, Brooklyn, NY
2006/07  - TRACING SHADOWS, Group Exhibition | Israel Museum Youth Wing. Jerusalem, Israel.
1999        - THE BEGINNING…A SPACE EXHIBIT | Group exhibition | The Space Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
1998        - Slide Presentation of Art Works | The San Francisco Public Library, CA
                - GROUP EXHIBITION | June Group exhibition | The Emerging Collector, New York, NY
                - SEND IN THE CLONES | Group exhibition | The Emerging Collector, New York, NY
                - DIANA FEVER | Group exhibition | The Emerging Collector, New York, NY
1996        - Slide Presentation of Works | Hillel House, California State University, Chico CA
1995        - NATIONAL SHOWCASE IV | Group exhibition | Alternative Museum, New York, NY
1992        - THE RED BUILDING | Group exhibition | Tel-Aviv, Israel
1990        - PROMISE,10 Bezalel most promising Artists of the last decade | Bezalel New Campus, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
                - PUBLIC GALLERY project - Artist's painting on a billboard | 35 Lang St. Frankfurt, Germany
1989        - Painters and Sculptors Association House | Group exhibition | Tel-Aviv, Israel
1988        - Artists for "THE AIDS TASK FORCE" |  Group exhibition | Richter Gallery, Jaffa, Israel
1986        - CATASTROPHE | Group exhibition | Jerusalem Theater, Israel
                - FIRST SHOWING | Group exhibition |  Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1985        - FIRST LINE | | Group exhibition | Ein Harod Museum. Kibbutz Ein Harod, Israel.


1990           Chosen as one of the 10 most promising Artists of the last decade in the publication honoring the inauguration of                        the new Bezalel campus on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem.
1980- 84    Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel. Graduated with BFA from the Sculpture & Painting Dept.
1983 -84    Helena Rubinstein American - Israeli Culture Foundation Scholarship Scholarship

1977           Artistic youth delegation & exhibitions in Austria and France, sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality
1976          Scholarship from the "Black Panthers" for study at the Jerusalem Artists House







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