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"Blown Away by a Namesake" explores the duality of the hand grenade, highlighting the surprising etymological connection between the weapon and the fruit. This diptych features two canvases, one tilted above the other. The lower canvas showcases a detailed pomegranate tree, with leaves surrounding red pomegranates. Some pomegranates hang from branches, while others appear suspended, seeds erupting outwards. These seeds resemble sparks from a detonation, blurring the lines between fruit and weapon.

A three-dimensional toy hand grenade is wedged between the canvases, obscured by paint. On the slanted canvas, a work in progress unfolds: loose brushstrokes build the form of a WWII hand grenade with cartoonish, wobbly outlines similar to the flying pomegranate seeds on the other canvas.


The title, "Blown Away by a Namesake," refers to the connection between hand grenades and pomegranates. The word "grenade" comes from the French phrase "pomme grenade," which literally translates to "apple with seeds." In many other languages, the hand grenade is named after the fruit, emphasizing the unexpected connections within our world and the potential for beauty and destruction to coexist.



2024   , Mixed media on canvas    

27 x 22.5 x 3 inches


SKU: 07062024_01
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