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"Wipe Out" is also part of the series exploring hidden narratives behind ordinary objects, aiming to reveal deeper layers beneath their facades. Similarly inspired by the October 7 Hamas terror attack in Israel, this artwork draws from impactful media images depicting the scattered aftermath of toys, household items, and debris. In this artwork, I try to convey the vulnerability of innocent lives affected by violence and I explore the fragility of hope in the face of adversity and the complex interplay between innocence and violence.

In "Wipe Out," brightly colored children’s alphabet wooden blocks take center stage. The artwork comprises two panels: canvas and an attached wood panel featuring three-dimensional alphabet blocks scattered across landscapes hinting at underlying turmoil, with distant horizons marked by fires and smoke.


"Wipe Out" features a partially obscured "W" block connected to the wooden panel, where the blocks spell "HOPE." However, the falling "O" can also transform the message into "NO." An "X" block positioned behind the wood panel serves as a prop, further accentuating the themes of destruction and loss present in the artwork.

Wipe Out

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